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Smith Growth Training

Workshops and Seminars by Smith Growth Partners

Workshops and seminars by Smith Growth Partners aren’t easy. They are hard work, intellectually challenging, often confronting and sometimes emotionally charged – and they can be a lot of fun if you’re up for a good challenge and are committed to finding access to new tools, skills, alignment and ideas for growing your company. 

Enter the Growth Dojo

9-month series & a one on one Growth Strategy Black Belt Test Review Session with John at the conclusion of the series.

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“The Black Belt Growth Strategy” first appeared as a feature series in SmartCEO and was published to an audience of over 45,000 business leaders over a period of 3 years and has been taught to hundreds of CEOs and their management teams as both half-day seminars and 2-day retreats. Now these same growth principles are being discovered, rediscovered and put into practice in peer-to-peer business owner and CEO advisory forums in a series of structured, facilitated conversations and exercises for top-line business growth.

**Each group is limited to 15 non-competing participants. This seminar series is specifically designed for closely-held small and mid-sized businesses and is limited to owners, CEOs (and their trusted advisors) and members of their executive management teams with responsibility for strategic growth.

“What I’ve developed through my writing and seminars is a context for a conversation about growth strategy and implementation, based on the growth strategy work we’ve done for over 350 companies, here in the U.S. and globally. With the right people in each of these groups major breakthroughs will emerge from the group working for each other within this framework.”

John Starling
Founding Partner, Smith Growth Partners

Contact 410-235-7004 x 123 for more information

Selling to the C-suite

The 9 principles everyone should buy into when the C-Suite isn’t buying it
Can you sell to the C-suite? The fact is that no matter how experienced you might be in sales and how many millions of dollars in revenue, margin or commissions you’ve generated… you cannot sell to the C-Suite. But they can buy from you – and there’s a difference. Watches and cars can be “sold” but your business to business products and services can only be bought. So how can you get into absolute alignment with the C-suite in order that they want to purchase from you and your company?

No. But they can and will buy from you when understand the 9 Principles…

• The power of not knowing
• The power of self knowledge
• The power of acceptance and non-attachment
• The power of pure alignment
• The Power of Conversation
• The power of the value proposition
• The power of progressive selling
• The Power of integrity
• The Power of Trust

Selling to the C-suite is taught nationally and internationally as half-day seminars and 1 and 2 day workshops. 

Unclogging the Sales Pipeline

Unclogging the Sales Pipeline is an audience-interactive workshop in understanding and managing your sales pipeline in order to generate more revenue throughput.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize a “clog” before it occurs
  • Get their pipeline “unstuck”
  • Manage it — so it doesn’t manage you
  • Create forecastable revenue

The Growth Strategy Black Belt

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This comprehensive 2 day seminar on growth strategy is derived from the chapters of top strategist and life-long martial artist, John Starling’s, series on business growth strategy and the martial arts “The Order of Black Belt – Growth Strategy Kata for Growing Companies”, which originally appeared in SmartCEO. From the fundamentals of “Stance” (Vision, Mission Values) to break-through performance coaching “One Step Towards Mastery”, participants will spend 2 days in the dojo studying with John and discovering for themselves the way to exponential growth.

Participants will walk out of this 2 day seminar with Clarity and Focus in and around:


Vision, Mission & Values
Identifying the market
Articulating the Value Proposition
The methods and means of hitting the target
The role of various Marketing Communications Techniques
Building “The Plan” and planning for breakthrough
The Game-
The Sales Cycle and the Selling Process
Black Belt Test-
   Knowing where you are in The Order of Black Belt – and what to do
One Step Towards Mastery-
 Breakthrough access to “Mastery” through live executive coaching exercises

Click here to watch the trailer

Zen Leadership

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In this enlightening session, John shares some of the fundamental tenets of Zen philosophies and practices—which are often misunderstood—and how you can powerfully tap into them to achieve a dramatically higher level of personal and professional peace, prosperity and success. John will share his unique experiences and insight as a top-line growth strategist to empower participants to:

  • Create alignment and breakthrough in your organization by gaining a deeper understanding of your team for who they truly are.
  • Adopt a more productive mindset for dealing with confronting situations.
  • Make powerful choices on how your team shows up—especially in the face of adversity and troubling times.





Planning for Breakthrough – How Growth Really Occurs in Companies

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Based on the concepts outlined in John Starling’s acclaimed book, The Order of Black Belt: Growth Strategy Kata for Growing Companies, this knowledge sharing session will help Chief Operating Officers discover the real process behind organizational growth. Not only will Operations Executives come away with a better understanding of the growth process through an open, facilitated conversation, they’ll learn how to actually operationalize it in their own companies.

Attendees will gain:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the “have-do” continuum, and how to become a catalyst for breakthrough
  • A fundamental knowledge of the process behind organic growth
  • A holistic view of the strategic planning process

All Smith Growth Training seminars can be taught privately to mid-sized and large companies or “public” formats to representatives of non-competing companies.

What kinds of types of organizations have trained with Smith Growth Partners? 

Can’t train with us in person?

Train online!

Watch the full Video of “The Order of Black Belt” - Growth Strategy Kata for Growing Companies
Thank you for your interest in the “The Order of Black Belt” seminar. In order to view the talk, please use the button below to make a donation to The School of the Way - a Mentoring and Martial Arts (MMA) program. 100% of your donation supports the teachers, students and school as we strive to teach both martial arts and a sustainable life plan to youth in the Baltimore and beyond. The school is free to the students and all teachers are volunteers.

PLEASE NOTE: Upon making a donation you will be provided a unique code to access the video. Once you use this code, you will have seven (7) days to view the seminar as many times as you’d like. Please note that once using the code, you will only be able to view the talk in the same browser and on the same computer on which you entered the code. Apple users: please note that this video is in a Flash format. Thank you!

Your Donation donation of $95 supports The School of the Way - a free MMA (Mentoring and Martial Arts) School for young people

John Starling, Partner
Smith Growth Partners

Download the Black Belt worksheet

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