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How does your company rank?
For each question below, score your company from 0-4
(0 being the lowest and 4 being the highest level of understanding and action)

stance – everyone in our company understands:
The company’s Vision and what’s in it for them
The company’s Mission and what it is that must be done in order to achieve the Vision
Their individual Mission, as it relates to the company’s
The company’s Values, and living them in their daily business actions
The company’s Value Proposition—our message to the market
Stance: 0/20
targeting – our company understands marketing and has a clear picture of:
The ideal customer profile and how our value proposition lines up with it
The circumstances under which buying decisions are made
The macro- and micro-market context in which we are operating
The competition’s Value Proposition
Targeting: 0/16
techniques – we know what is available to us to effectively strike our targets:
We have an effective Web presence that aptly describes our Value Proposition
We possess effective collateral that forwards our sales cycle
We use social media strategically to our benefit
We understand advertising and public relations as means of monetizing “awareness”
We have insight into, and command of, the company’s data to leverage its growth
Techniques: 0/20
kata – we have developed a marketing action plan, and:
It articulates all of the strategies and tactics we will implement to grow revenues
Our MAP details risks associated with implementing and not implementing the MAP
Our MAP identifies resources, budgets and development timelines for its implementation
We completely understand the marketing communications mix and how to apply it strategically
Kata: 0/16
the game – we can mix it up in the street or in the ring and come out on top:
Our company identifies, attracts and retains top sales talent and manages them well
The people selling our services are armed for the game (sales tools and collateral)
There is visibility into the company’s sales funnel and self-directed accountability to it
Our selling process is well defined and employed consistently
The Game: 0/16
the black belt test – we have tested ourselves against our self:
I know what I seek to Have, I know and Do what I must Do, and I understand who I am Being in relationship to my goals
I can consciously distinguish between my empowering and disempowering beliefs
I can make the choice to practice empowerment in every moment
The Self: 0/12

total: 0/100 Level: white belt

0-20 white Belt
21-30 yellow Belt
31-40 orange Belt
41-50 green Belt
51-60 Blue Belt
61-70 purple Belt
71-80 red Belt
81-90 Brown Belt
91-100 Black Belt