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Enter the Growth Dojo

9-month series & a one on one Growth Strategy Black Belt Test Review Session with John at the conclusion of the series.

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“The Black Belt Growth Strategy” first appeared as a feature series in SmartCEO and was published to an audience of over 45,000 business leaders over a period of 3 years and has been taught to hundreds of CEOs and their management teams as both half-day seminars and 2-day retreats. Now these same growth principles are being discovered, rediscovered and put into practice in peer-to-peer business owner and CEO advisory forums in a series of structured, facilitated conversations and exercises for top-line business growth.

**Each group is limited to 15 non-competing participants. This seminar series is specifically designed for closely-held small and mid-sized businesses and is limited to owners, CEOs (and their trusted advisors) and members of their executive management teams with responsibility for strategic growth.

“What I’ve developed through my writing and seminars is a context for a conversation about growth strategy and implementation, based on the growth strategy work we’ve done for over 350 companies, here in the U.S. and globally. With the right people in each of these groups major breakthroughs will emerge from the group working for each other within this framework.”

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