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Consulting Services

CONSULTING SERVICES Description: Retainer-Based or Hourly Billing
Principal/Managing Partner Advisory service time from Principal or Managing Partner
Partner Advisory service time from SGP Partner or strategic partner contracting to SGP
Associate Advisory service time from SGP Associate or independent professional consultant subcontracting to SGP
Marketing Director Interim or Virtual Marketing Director (VMD) services rendered on- or off-site
Content/Graphic Design Content: Interviewing, writing, editing, proofreading, project management and client interface
Design: design, layout, production, project management and client interface
Staff Administrative functions to include marketing coordination, research, outreach, data list management, interoffice communications, project management, etc.

*Please consider this rate table an addendum your company’s Services Agreement with Smith Growth Partners.

NA= Not applicable

Varies = Estimates made after consultation

* The Content hours estimated is based on the “ContentSmith” process, which SGP applies to every project in order to ensure that projects stay in scope and on track. Slight modifications to the process may be made at the discretion of your consultant in order to save time and money. At the same time, staying within the estimated scope of hours above is largely dependent on the client’s commitment to the “ContentSmith” process.

**Turnaround times listed above are estimated from the standpoint of the SGP consultant having no, or little, foreknowledge of the work at hand. These timeframes may be reduced when working on multiple projects that are on the same subject. Timely turnaround is largely dependent on timely and aggregated (where multiple client-side parties need to see drafts) feedback from the client.

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